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Traditional Pylon 'Tracking' Setup Bimini mounted 'Full View' Setup
Traditional Pylon 'Tracking' Snapshot Bimini mounted 'Full View' Snapshot

Custom Android GoPro Controller

Control's GoPro over Bluetooth

768 x 432 resolution files in typically 20sec

2704 x 1520 resolution files in ~2min

Upload files from GoPro to phone over local WiFi

Post Files to Server over Cellular (with Dataplan)

Records next video while current one posts

Capable of WiFi only operation (no data plan)

Manage/Share files Online

Access Videos online (as fast as 20sec)

Control how to share access to your vidoes

Videos available as direct 'shareable' links

Add/share comments to your videos

A community of users

Allows users to purchase access to videos